Criminal Law Practice

The activity of our law firm focuses on legal representation of our clients in all types and at all stages of prosecution and court proceedings relating to criminal matters, including economic crime and abuse, such as:

  • corruption,
  • money laundering,
  • illegal transfer of assets out of a business entity,
  • fictitious transactions and bankruptcies,
  • transactions with the use of illegally obtained information and any other activities leading to expose a business entity to losses.
  • In addition to legal representation of our clients, the firm also offers comprehensive assistance as part of the conducted proceedings, involving, inter alia:assistance in conducting internal investigations,
  • gathering evidence and assessment with regard to its legal suitability,
  • advisory aiming to prevent or mitigate risk of criminal proceedings in case of accusations lodged against our clients.

The firm cooperates with reliable detective agencies and experts and appraisers.